At least 30 dead and 700 wounded in Iraq clashes

At least 30 dead and 700 wounded in Iraq clashes

The death toll from the confrontations inside the Green Zone in Iraqi capital, Baghdad, has risen to 30, in addition to 700 wounded after yesterday’s clashes, including 110 members of the security forces, an Iraqi medical source said Tuesday.

The clashes prompted the Iraqi security services to intervene, and forcibly remove al-Sadr’s supporters from inside the government palace and its surrounding squares, and impose a curfew in all provinces.

Video clips showed clashes with light and medium weapons inside the Green Zone in Baghdad.

Iraqi media said that sirens sounded at the US embassy in Baghdad, and confirmed the evacuation of the Dutch embassy headquarters in the Green Zone and the transfer of its employees to the German embassy.

The Iraqi News Agency said that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi directed to prevent the use of bullets and shooting at demonstrators from any security party.

He also ordered the opening of an urgent investigation into the events of the Green Zone, calling on the security forces to protect the demonstrators.