Saudi coalition seizes four new oil tankers bound for Yemen

Saudi coalition seizes four new oil tankers bound for Yemen

Yemen Petroleum Company announced, Thursday, that the US-Saudi aggression seized four new fuel tankers, so the number of seized ships is now nine fuel tankers, in flagrant violation of the UN-sponsored truce in light of the UN’s silence.

The company’s official spokesman, Essam Yahya Al-Mutawakel, said in a brief statement that “we have not seen a positive move from the UN envoy, explaining that since the last extension of the truce and until now, no fuel tanker has been allowed to enter Hodeidah.

In addition to the nine petrol and diesel ships, the US-Saudi aggression is also holding a domestic gas ship, as it intercepted it and took it off Jizan yesterday, preventing it from entering the port of Hodeidah.

It is noteworthy that all the ships detained by the aggression have UN entry permits.

In previous statements, Al-Mutawakil explained to Almasirah TV that it had been agreed to enter 54 fuel ships, however only 33 ships had arrived since the start of the truce, noting that the UN and its envoy did not move to pressure the aggression to allow entry of the fuel ships.

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