Zionist entity sends experts to Emirati-occupied Socotra island

Zionist entity sends experts to Emirati-occupied Socotra island

The Zionist entity has sent military experts through the Emirates to the occupied Yemeni island of Socotra.

Local sources familiar with the matter said that the Zionist military delegation, which is accompanied by a number of Emirati intelligence officers, has been on the island of Socotra since the past few days.

“The military delegation is likely to be technical experts from the Zionist navy, carrying several large devices and equipment touring the various regions of the island,” the sources added.

At the end of last July, this came after the UAE sent a number of foreign engineers and pilots, including Israelis, to Socotra Island to inaugurate a runway for combat reconnaissance planes, and helipads for military helicopters in Nogad area, south of the island.

The UAE established a joint naval base with the Zionist entity in occupied Socotra during 2020, after its control of the city of Hadibo in June of the same year, and the expulsion of the so-called “legitimacy” authorities with the cooperation of the Saudi forces present on the island.