President Mahdi al-Mashat: Yemen has developed weapons to hit all targets on land or at sea

President Mahdi al-Mashat: Yemen has developed weapons to hit all targets on land or at sea

President of the Supreme Political Council – Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces – Mahdi Al-Mashat, on Thursday said the armed forces have recently developed weapons that can hit their target at any point in land and sea.

“The high level our army has reached is one of the gains of steadfastness in the face of arrogance and aggression,” President Al-Mashat added during the majestic military parade “Wa’ad Al-Akhera” of the Fifth Military Region in Hodeidah province.

President Al-Mashat addressed the Saudi-led coalition countries, saying “What poses a threat to international navigation is your brutal measures and relish in the suffering of our people.”

He warned the coalition countries, “We can now strike any point in the sea from anywhere in Yemen, not only from the coast.”

He noted that evading the obligations of the truce and the continued detention of ships puts the truce in the wind, addressing the coalition by saying: “The fleets that you have mobilized and are mobilizing near the coasts of our country to besiege and destroy it do not terrify the smallest child in our people.”

“From this field, the march of rifles called for by the martyr Al-Sammad on his last day started and stopped large hordes of the army of aggression,” he said.

The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces stressed “”We will all continue to stand in front of any dangers that threaten the western coast region.”

He referred that in the past few days “the armed forces have conducted tests of naval weapons and achieved brilliant success.”

“We are convinced that rights are not given but taken, and we are not advocates of war, for our first option is a just and honorable peace,” President Al-Mashat stressed. “The option of surrender will not achieve our people’s rights and the coming days will reveal whether we will need the last option on the basis of power makes peace.”

At the conclusion of his speech, President Al-Mashat saluted the people of Hodeidah, Hajja, Mahweet, and Raymah provinces for their firm awareness of the enemies’ filthy conspiracy and their sanding loyally and sincerely with their country and people.