Sana'a unveils advanced naval missiles during military parade

Sana'a unveils advanced naval missiles during military parade

The Yemeni Armed Forces have unveiled new naval missiles systems during the major military parade “Wa’ad Al-Akhera” held in Hodeidah province.

The advanced naval missiles capable of hitting any point in the sea from any region in Yemen’s geography, manufactured by Yemeni expertise.

During the military parade, Yemeni Naval Force unveils new locally-made land-to-sea missile, Falaq 1, that can reach any point in the sea from any Yemeni governorate.

Mandab 2 missile was also unveiled, which is a winged missile with long-ranges and high targeting accuracy, and can detect targets by means of a radar seeker equipped with it.

Mandeb 1 missile, which was previously used to protect the Yemeni coast in the face of aggression, was also shown.

The Yemeni navy reviewed the Russian-made “Rubij” missile, of which two types are a radar type and the other is a thermal one, and it carries a warhead of half a ton, and it was re-ready using purely Yemeni expertise.

The military also included several types of naval mines, air and ground defenses, and a symbolic power of drones, which were made by Yemeni expertise.

Armored vehicles, tanks, and land and sea weapons of all kinds were displayed, while symbolic formations of the Al-Sammad Brigades from the Fifth Military Region, the Victory Brigades, the Navy, the Coastal Defense, the Air Force and the Air Defense passed through the parade square.

On Thursday, Hodeidah governorate witnessed a solemn military parade in the presence of President Mahdi Al-Mashat and state leaders.