Southern Yemeni separatists release video of abducted journalist

Southern Yemeni separatists release video of abducted journalist

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) on Sunday released a video showing journalist Ahmed Maher, who was kidnapped by the UAE-backed forces on charges of dealing with terrorists, dropping confessions.

In the video, journalist Ahmed Maher confessed that he used to work the Public Transport Brigade with the rank of second lieutenant and confessed to several charges against him.

Maher said he was involved in several acts, including falsifying people’s cards, targeting Saleh al-Sayed, a leader in the STC forces, and participated in the assassination of Maj. Gen. Thabet Jawas under the supervision of Amjad Khaled.

Activists and human rights activists have said Maher’s confessions to the charges against his, were might be “a coerced confession or Forced Confessions”, calling for an independent commission of inquiry.

An armed group affiliated with the STC kidnapped journalist Ahmed Maher from his home in Dar Saad district of Aden on August 6.

The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate said it had received a report from colleagues of journalist Ahmed Maher stating that he and his brother had been abducted by armed groups likely affiliated with the STC in Aden.

The syndicate’s statement called on the so-called “the legitimate government” to stand responsibly in the face of this incident, release journalist Ahmed Maher, and provide a safe environment for journalists.

SAM Organization for Rights and Freedoms condemned the kidnapping of journalist Ahmed Maher and his brother, who were arrested by forces affiliated with the pro-UAE forces.