Emirati-backed forces launch mass crackdown in Aden and Lahj

Emirati-backed forces launch mass crackdown in Aden and Lahj

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militia has carried out a large-scale arrest campaign against a number of leaders of the so-called “:Al Humaikani Resistance” in Aden and Lahj governorates.

Amer Al Humaikani, a spokesman for terrorist groups during its control of the Al Humaikani area in Bayda governorate, confirmed in a tweet on Sunday that the “Security Belt forces” in Aden raided the homes of displaced people of Al Humaikani and arrested a number of them.

He pointed out that the UAE-backed militia not only arrested them in Aden, but also launched a campaign of kidnapping against the sons of Al Humaikani family and elements of the so-called “resistance” in the area of Al-Had of Yafea district, east of Lahj province, without clear reasons.

It is worthy to mention that the UAE-backed militia launched a campaign of arrests targeting the displaced and leaders of the so-called “Al Humaikani Resistance” affiliated with the coalition in Aden and Lahj, on charges of belonging to Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, after they captured one of Al Humaikani during the attack that targeted the “Security Belt Forces “, in the Ahwar area of Abyan, last week, which killed and injured about 35 members of the militia.

The Security Belt forces revealed the identity of one of the attackers, named “Sultan Muhammad Ali Al Humaikani, which was denied by the spokesman of the “terrorist groups” in Al Humaikani family, in which considered the personal identity with which that person appeared to be forged.

He accused the STC militia of falsifying identity, indicating that the real name of the person who impersonated ” Al Humaikani” in the Ahwar attack is “Murad Nasr al-Yafei” from the area of al-Muflahi, has been identified by a number of his family members and people of the region.

The STC militia has not revealed the identity of the perpetrators of last week’s Ahwar attack, amid reports that it had executed a Saudi prisoner for unknown reasons.

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