Large fleet of foreign yachts arrives off the coast of occupied Socotra

Large fleet of foreign yachts arrives off the coast of occupied Socotra

A number of American yachts have reached the coasts of Yemeni occupied island of Socotra, which lies in the north-western corner of the Western Indian Ocean.

Socotra activist Abdullah Badahan affirmed , in a post on Wednesday on his Facebook account, that a huge group of naval yachts carrying foreign countries’ flags , including the flag of the United States of America, arrived days ago, on the coast of the region of Delisha, five 5 km away from the city of Hadibo, the capitol of the island.

About 5 to 8 people, including women, disembark daily via small boats to the nearby coasts, although it’s unknown what kind of work they were carrying out there, he said, citing eyewitnesses from the area.

The activist, who was arrested by Emirati forces after taking control of Hadibo in June 2020, claimed that those people are experts affiliated with foreign intelligence.

Emirati intelligence entered the island of Socotra under the pretext of carrying out humanitarian projects during 2016, and established a joint military base with the Zionist Navy after taking control of Hadibo and expelling the authorities affiliated with Yemen’s Saudi-backed and so-called “legitimate government”.

This comes after the UAE sent a number of foreign engineers and pilots, including Israelis, to the island of Socotra to establish a runway for fighter reconnaissance aircraft, and airstrips for helicopters in the Nojd area south of the island.

Over the past years, the Zionist Navy, in cooperation with the UAE occupation forces, has established a number of surveillance system centers linked to small spy submarines on Abd al Kuri island and a pier has been established, after taking control over 6 oil sectors on the island.