Yemeni negotiation committee sends message of congratulations on 8th anniversary of September 21 Revolution

Yemeni negotiation committee sends message of congratulations on 8th anniversary of September 21 Revolution

Major General Yahya al-Razami , The head of the military negotiating delegation, sent a congratulatory telegram to the leader of the revolution, Sayyed Abdul-malik al-Houthi and the head of the Supreme Political Council, Field Marshal Mahdi al-Mashat, as well as to all members of the council, and the Government of National Salvation on the occasion of the eighth anniversary of September 21 revolution.

Major General Al-Razami said: “The revolution of September 21 is a purely Yemeni jihadist revolution from the very beginning of its launch in restoring Yemeni sovereignty and putting an end to external interference in the Yemeni political decision, which the revolution is still at the height of its violence to achieve its goals till the Yemeni people gain their freedom and independence and impose their sovereignty on all their territory.”

“Prior the September 21 revolution, the external hegemony and arrogance forces represented by America and Israel and their lackeys in the region were the ones who controlled the policy and sovereignty of Yemen, until the lifeboat came on September 21 entitled Freedom and Independence, cutting off the hand of foreign tutelage and all hands that tampered with the security and stability of the homeland and its capabilities,” he added.

Major General Al-Razami stressed that the September 21 revolution shattered the restrictions of external domination over Yemen, despite the fact that the enemies flocked to it from hunchbacks and directions for eight years. Today, Sana’a has become the capital of resistance, sovereignty, pride and steadfastness, whose strength was baptized with the blood of great martyrs, and by the strength of the heroes of the army and popular committees in all fields of fronts.

He pointed out that the celebration on the occasion of the September 21 revolution, in honor and reverence for the convoys of martyrs who gave their pure and precious souls for the sake of God, is a victory for freedom, dignity, defense of the homeland and support for the oppressed and vulnerable of the Yemeni people.