UAE finishes illegal military airport in occupied Mocha

UAE finishes illegal military airport in occupied Mocha

The UAE occupation has completed the construction of the Mocha military airport, near the Bab al-Mandab Strait, west of Taiz Governorate, Pro-UAE media reported on Wednesday.

Media outlets affiliated with the UAE-backed militia have affirmed that the construction of Mocha airport has been completed.

According to media sources, the airport has a runway with a length of 2.4 km, and the UAE began building it within the port of Mocha in early 2019.

The UAE’s military move in Mocha to establish a military base in the city came two years after Emirati forces took control of the port of city.

The governor of Taiz, appointed by the Saudi-led coalition-backed government, Nabil Shamsan, confirmed that the pro-aggression government adopted the Mocha airport, which was completed by the leader of the Emirati factions Tariq Afash, as an airport for the governorate.

In his Twitter account, Shamsan claimed on that Mocha Airport will be a landing strip for planes carrying the people of Taiz arriving from all corners of the earth.