UAE moving hundreds of mercenaries from southern Yemen to Taiz

UAE moving hundreds of mercenaries from southern Yemen to Taiz

The UAE occupation on Sunday began moving hundreds of elements of its militias from south to the western countryside of Taiz province, Al-Ayyam daily newspaper reported, citing sources.

According to the Aden-based Al-Ayyam newspaper, the committees affiliated with Tariq Afash, the commander of the pro-UAE militia on the west coast of Yemen, are carrying out a large-scale recruitment operation among the sons of the southern provinces.

Dozens of buses left the provinces of Lahj, Aden and Abyan towards the west coast with hundreds of new recruits on board, the paper said.

The paper added, “Tariq Afash had tasked brokers to recruit young people in those provinces in exchange for huge sums of money.”

The motives for the new mobilization to Moch are not yet clear, but it coincided with the UAE’s implementation of a new air bridge to land weapons for Tariq Afash and the opening of a military airport in the city.

And the moves of Tariq Afash in the countryside of Taiz and in conjunction with reports of signing of an agreement with Islah in the city to calm down indicate his arrangement to expand his control in the South especially in light of reports of building bases in Shabwah.