Yemen successfully launches 4G internet network

Yemen successfully launches 4G internet network

The Yemeni Public Telecommunications Corporation in Sana’a on Saturday launched the Yemen 4G wireless internet service.

In the inauguration, Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology, Eng. Misfer Al-Numeir, confirmed that the launch of the wireless broadband project with the fourth generation technology (YEMEN 4G) represents a qualitative shift in telecommunications and internet services.

In a press conference during the inauguration, Al-Numeir said that “the project will have an impact on citizens and the rest of the service, educational, technical, commercial, scientific, and research sectors, as well as all aspects of development and comprehensive knowledge.”

He pointed out that the 4G wireless broadband project under the slogan “A hand builds and a hand protects” coincides with the eighth anniversary of the September 21 revolution.

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