Protests in Abyan condemn corruption of UAE occupation forces

Protests in Abyan condemn corruption of UAE occupation forces

Hundreds of people from Abyan province went out on Tuesday in an angry protest to condemn the royalties imposed by the UAE-backed militias, days after they took control of the province’s districts.

The streets of Lawdar city witnessed a protest demonstration against the deterioration of living conditions and basic services, in addition to the levies and royalties imposed by the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militia on merchants at checkpoints and public markets.

The protesters set fire to damaged tires, calling on the government loyal to Saudi-led coalition to improve living conditions, provide basic services such as electricity and water, and end the chaos that afflicts the province’s districts.

The demonstrators raised banners calling for the downfall of the pro-coalition government, headed by Maeen Abdul-Malik, denouncing the security chaos in Ahwar, Mudiyah and the rest of the districts.

They demanded that the STC leave the city of Lawdar so that it does not turn into an arena of conflict and confrontations with Islah Party’s militants on the outskirts of the city.

The UAE had sent new forces led by “Tariq Afash”, from Ataq city, the capital of Shabwah, to one of Lawdar’s camps during the past few days.

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