Two foreign warships, suspected French, sighted near Yemen

Two foreign warships, suspected French, sighted near Yemen

Two warships approached the coast of Radhom area on the Arabian Sea in the oil-rich Shabwah province, eastern Yemen, eyewitnesses from Yemeni fishermen reported on Wednesday .

According to the eyewitnesses, the two battleships, which are believed to belong to the French naval forces, approached during the past two days the coasts of Radhom, where the Balhaf gas facility controlled by the UAE forces is located, amid silence from the Riyadh-formed “Presidential Council” and its government loyal to Saudi-led coalition.

They pointed out that the Emirati forces intensified their patrols on the coasts of Radhom, and prevented fishermen from entering the sea to catch fish, and imposed strict measures in the region, without mentioning more information.

Military observers see the arrival of the two warships near the coast of Radhom as a blatant violation of Yemeni sovereignty, and an explicit threat to the UN armistice.

They referred that the recent visit of the French ambassador to Mukalla city of Hadhramaut province during the past two days aims to establish a military base in the areas between Hadhramaut and Shabwah, adjacent to the Balhaf gas facility, of which France’s Total acquires more than 39%.