Yemeni Armed Forces reveal new armoured vehicle named Hani

Yemen armed forces reviewed on Thursday the offensive and defensive capabilities and missions of a new locally-made strategic weapon.

The military media of the Yemeni army revealed pictures and live scenes of the missions and capabilities of a military armoured vehicle that bore the name “Hani” in the desert, mountains, plains and valleys.

The military media stated that the “Hani” armoured vehicle, which was unveiled by the Military Industrialization Authority during the 8th anniversary of the September 21 revolution, “in commemoration of the martyr Hani Tomer”, is designed to carry out offensive and defensive tasks and is characterized by flexibility when moving and speed when engaging.

The new armoured vehicles were named “Hani” in memory of the martyr soldier “Hani Tomer” for his brave stance after he sacrificed himself in order to save a number of his comrades who were trapped on one of the northern fighting fronts in Jawf province.

The following live scenes showing the missions and capabilities of Hani Tomer armoured   vehicle:-