Violent clashes break out near Ma’rib city

Violent clashes break out near Ma’rib city

Violent clashes broke out in Wadi Obeida area, east of the city of Ma’rib , which is under the control of the Saudi-led coalition militants, tribal sources reported on late Friday.

According to the tribal sources, confrontations took place in Wadi Obeida area, between the gunmen of Al-Damashiqa tribes and the al-Hadi Hatik Obeida, after Al-Damashiqa tribes accused the latter of being behind assassination of Hassan Muhammad bin Samra al-Obeidi, and another named Mubarak al-Barak bin Abdul Rahim al-Briki, in mysterious circumstances on the road of Al-Abbar.

On the other hand, tribes from Dahm, whose areas are under the control of the coalition forces, during the past hours, closed roads leading from the city of Ma’rib in protest against the killing of two of their sons by the military police forces affiliated with Islah party, during the past days.

The tribe’s militants intend to prevent the passage of oil and gas tankers through their areas until Islah authority handed over the perpetrators who fled to the city, in addition to releasing the power of attorney for oil and gas derivatives to the Dahm tribes within 24 hours, according to the sources.

The sources pointed to the crisis between the sheikhs of Dahm tribes, which entered the front line with the Islah authorities in Ma’rib, at the behest of political and military leaders loyal to the UAE.

Most of the sheikhs of Dahm free tribes in Jawf have declared their allegiance to the Sana’a government, after they become aware of the coalition’s malice destructive project, which is targeting Yemen, destroying its economy and plundering its oil and gas wealth ,in addition to throwing tribesmen to achieve its interests at the expense of the Yemeni people.