Iraqi Resistance organisation voices support for Yemen

Iraqi Resistance organisation voices support for Yemen

An Iraqi resistance group known as the True Promise Brigades or “Alwiyat Al-Wa’ad Al-Haq” has voiced its support for the Sana’a government’s position on upholding conditions for disbursement of salaries for the state’s employees and lifting the siege on the port of Hodeidah and Sana’a International Airport, to extend the truce.

“The temporary truce between the people of Yemen and the Saudis “Devil’s horn” (Bani Salol) has ended, and here we confirm that we are continuing to stand with the brothers in Yemen. Yemen of pride, heroism and jihad to the end, ” the group said in a statement on its telegram channel.

“Let the ill-fated coalition know that if its evil does not stop; it will receive from us what pleases the friend and angers the foe, ” the statement said. “For companies operating in Arabian Peninsula, we say, ‘Pack up and leave before it’s too late. This round if takes place will not be like the previous ones.'”

It is noteworthy that on January 2, the group had claimed the responsibility for an attack that was carried out by four drones on vital facilities in the UAE.

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