Yemeni diplomat reveals dishonesty of Saudi delegations

Yemeni diplomat reveals dishonesty of Saudi delegations

Member of the National Delegation Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri revealed on Monday details of the evasion and fallacies of the Saudi-le aggression during the negotiations, blaming them for their failure.

“The negotiations were mainly with the countries involved in aggression, and they are the ones who bear the responsibility for their failure,” Al-Ajri said. “They are the ones who control and tamper with Yemen’s oil wealth, obstruct the payment of salaries, seize ships and take them to its ports, and close the Yemeni airspace.”

He added that the Council of Saudi-Emirati tools owns nothing, and they cannot hold meetings without the presence of their guardian.

Al-Ajri stressed that the Negotiating Delegation demanded equality between Yemeni employees in all governorates of Yemen, civilian and military.

“In what law and by what right do you want us to agree to deprive the policeman, traffic man, and security man in the non-occupied governorates of their right to a salary? Do they not have families and children?!,” he wondered.

He explained that the National Delegation also demanded a mechanism to ensure the disbursement of salaries, and not to refer them to committees.

Al-Ajri added that when Sana’a asked the United Nations to operate the Cairo flight, they were saying, “We sent a message, but they did not respond to us.”

He sarcastically said: “How will you open new destinations and the limits of your ability is a message that no one can answer.”

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