Military commander killed in clashes near Saudi Border

Military commander killed in clashes near Saudi Border

A military commander loyal to Saudi-led coalition was killed on Friday during the renewed battles between Yemeni armed forces and the coalition forces in the areas separating Hajjah province, northwest Yemen, and the southern Saudi borders.

Local sources reported that the coalition forces advanced from their positions in the series of Al-Nar mountains towards the eastern areas of Haradh district near the Saudi borders.

The sources added that the army forces ambushed the coalition forces, which led to the killing and wounding of dozens of the coalitions troops, including Colonel Hizam Al-Siadi, staff commander of the so called “Al-Khassa brigade”, which is one of the military brigades directly backed by Saudi Arabia and deployed in the southern border of the kingdom.

This comes hours after the army forces repelled several advance attempts carried out by the coalition recruits on the fronts south of Ma’rib province and Dhalea province, as well as the areas separating between Lahj and Bayda provinces.

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