Yemeni community in New York celebrates Mawlid

Yemeni community in New York celebrates Mawlid

The Yemeni community in the state of New York, USA, on Sunday celebrated the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday (peace and blessings be upon him).

At the ceremony, Head of the Preparatory Committee, Muhammad Al-Zubaidi, and the community’s social official, Yassin Al-Abadi, stressed the need to emulate the biography of the Noble Prophet and renounce discrimination and hostility among the sons of the Islamic nation.

They praised the keenness of the community to commemorate the Prophet’s birthday, which embodies the extent of the connection of the people of Yemen in the diaspora to the Noble Prophet and their adherence to his approach.

Al-Zubaidi and Al-Abadi called on the Yemeni people to unite ranks against the enemies of the nation and to remain firm on the path of combating all hostile projects that target the homeland, land and people.


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