Prominent Islah Party figure survives assassination attempt

Prominent Islah Party figure survives assassination attempt

A prominent leader in the Islah Party on Monday survived an assassination attempt in the city of Taiz, southwest Yemen, which is under the control of the Islah militias loyal to the Saudi-led coalition.

Media sources said that unidentified gunmen on a motorcycle fired a hail of bullets at the car of Sheikh Sultan Al-Omari, affiliated with Islah, while he was passing on Jamal Street in the city center.

The sources indicated that Al-Omari narrowly escaped the assassination attempt, while the shooting caused severe damage to the car.

It is not yet known who is responsible for the attack on Sheikh Sultan Al-Omari or its motives, but it comes in light of the return of the series of liquidations and mutual assassinations between the forces leaders loyal to the coalition in Taiz, especially with the escalation of conflicts between Islah and the UAE-backed factions.

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