Violent infighting rocks Shabwah province

Violent infighting rocks Shabwah province

Violent clashes erupted on Monday among the Saudi-led coalition factions in Shabwah province, southern Yemen.

Local sources said the clashes broke out between militias of the UAE-funded Southern Transitional Council (STC) and the Saudi-backed Islah militants, after Islah stormed a military site of the STC near Balhaf gas facility in Radhum district.

The STC militia tried to regain control of the site, but failed, and that intermittent confrontations taking place in the area, the sources added.

Earlier in the day, forces from the Islah-affiliated 2nd Marine Brigade attacked Shoran site, after the STC members were expelled.

The outbreak of confrontations near the Balhaf facility came within the framework of the efforts of the Islah militants to put pressure on the STC factions, by threatening the most important installations and vital sites under their control in the province.