Yemeni Fishery Ministry condemns continued Eritrean aggression

Yemeni Fishery Ministry condemns continued Eritrean aggression

The Ministry of Fisheries condemned on Sunday the Eritrean authorities’ continuation of violating Yemeni sovereignty by penetrating Yemeni sea waters, kidnapping Yemeni fishermen and looting their boats.

In a statement, the Ministry that the Eritrean authorities kidnapped on Saturday six fishermen from al-Hawk district of Hodeida province while they were practicing their fishing activity on the Yemeni island of Sawaba’.

The statement indicated that the Eritrean naval forces are still detaining the fishermen Ayman Saghir, Fadi Dersi, Ahmed Abdelkarim, Hisham Saghir, Abdullah Dede, and Ahmed Batili and confiscating their boats.

It pointed out that Yemeni waters suffer from a continuous process of piracy and kidnapping of Yemeni fishermen during the fishing operation at sea since the beginning of the aggression against Yemen.

The Ministry of Fisheries called on the Eritrean authorities to expedite the release of fishermen, and all the fishermen kidnapped in its prisons.

It called on the United Nations and its humanitarian and human rights organizations to play their role in confronting the kidnappings of Yemeni fishermen by the authorities in Eritrea.