UAE occupation launches mass arrest campaign in Shabwah

UAE occupation launches mass arrest campaign in Shabwah

The Emirati occupation forces in Shabwah province carried out a massive arrest campaign against sheikhs who opposed the presence of foreigner forces.

According to sources, dozens of the occupation forces surrounded the house of the most prominent sheikhs of the Radhum district, explaining that the campaign was launched from the most important Gas production facility in Yemen.

The sources pointed out that the targeting of Badas comes a day after his call for a broad tribal meeting at the level of Radhum district; in order to prevent any agreement to loot Yemeni gas, which is under the control of the Emirati occupation and other foreign forces.

Badas is one of several tribal sheikhs in Shabwah who rejected the recent agreement between the UAE and France to loot Yemeni gas.

Recently, Yemeni Armed Forces on Saturday warned the US-Saudi aggression and foreign companies of continuing looting the wealth of the Yemeni people.