Ten Yemeni children reported dead of leukaemia as blockade prevents entry of necessary medicine

Ten Yemeni children reported dead of leukaemia as blockade prevents entry of necessary medicine

The Ministry of Public Health and Population announced on Thursday the death of ten children with leukemia, as a result of the repercussions of piracy by the Saudi-led coalition countries and preventing the entry of vital medicines for leukemia diseases.

The ministry said, in a press statement, that “in light of the current situation of aggression and siege on Yemen, and the continued tampering of the humanitarian file by the aggression coalition, which left, and still is, the worst disaster in the world, according to the description of the United Nations, the daily bleeding continues, threatening the lives of millions of people, including children.”

“Ten children with blood tumors have been added to the list of martyrs, because the ministry’s capabilities have been limited and could not secure some vital medicines for them, due to delay in the ports under the control of the aggression countries,” the ministry added.

The ten children were among 19 children with blood tumors who suffered from complications due to the unavailability of standard medicines according to the specifications of the Ministry of Health, due to the ongoing siege, according to the statement.

The Ministry explained that, upon receiving a report from the Hematology Unit at Kuwait Hospital in the capital Sana’a that complications occurred among a number of leukemia cases, it provided the necessary and comprehensive medical care, and formed a team to verify and respond from the concerned authorities.

The statement pointed out that the team’s report indicated that 19 children with leukemia, between the ages of 3 and 15 years, experienced complications after receiving a drug that was smuggled to a private pharmacy. The smuggled batch of the used drug did not pass through the procedures of the Supreme Body for Medicines, or the tenders of the National Cancer Center.

The ministry indicated that in light of the continuation of the blockade imposed on Yemen, most pharmaceutical companies closed their business in Yemen, and the ability to import decreased significantly.

A child is still in a very critical condition, and eight of the children suffer from mild complications, and the cases, which suffered from complications were transferred to intensive care in a number of the capital’s hospitals, in addition to Kuwait Hospital, under the direct supervision of the Ministry’s leadership.

The statement stated that two other cases of the complications were recorded for two children, in Hadhramaut province, who received the drug from the same batch.

Based on the results of the investigation and the decision of the Medical Council, the Ministry of Health, under the direction of the Attorney General, referred the case file and the final report to the Public Prosecution to complete the investigation and take legal deterrent measures.

In its statement, the ministry called on the United Nations and the international community to carry out their humanitarian responsibilities, not to allow more crimes committed by the aggression countries, to end the siege imposed on Yemen and to fully open air, sea and land ports, foremost of which are Sana’a airport and the port of Hodeidah, without hindrance, to allow the entry of medicines through official ports without delay.