Senior Al-Qaeda leader killed in Abyan

Senior Al-Qaeda leader killed in Abyan

An emir in Al-Qaeda’s terrorist organization was killed on Saturday in clashes that broke out in Al-Mahfad district of Abyan province, southern Yemen, sources familiar with the issue reported.

According to the Sources, members of the UAE-backed militias launched an attack on a military site belonging to militants affiliated with Al-Qaeda in “Wadi Dhayqa” area of the same district, which resulted in the death of the so-called “Abu al-Omair al-Baydani,” the emir of moral guidance for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

The sources confirmed that many militants on both sides were killed and wounded during the confrontations.

The operations of terrorist groups have increased significantly over the past two months, despite the military campaigns carried out by militias loyal to the UAE in the area.

Last September, the militia affiliated with Abu Dhabi announced the launch of a large-scale military operation to expel terrorist groups from the Saudi-led coalition-held areas.