Large step forward reported for future prisoner exchanges

Large step forward reported for future prisoner exchanges

The head of the National Committee for Prisoners Affairs, Abdulqadir Al-Murtadha, stated that correction of the prisoners’ data with the Saudi side has been completed, and the last list for the exchange has been signed.

Al-Murtadha’s statement came after the arrival of Yemeni delegation on the prisoners’ issue from Saudi Arabia, in conjunction with the departure of the Saudi technical team from Sana’a airport, Saturday.

He pointed out that the visit of Yemeni delegation to the Saudi prisons was successful, as our prisoners were reassured, noting that this visit was necessary and was called for in the last round of negotiations in Amman to solve the outstanding problems that prevented progress in the prisoners’ issue and the implementation of the agreement concluded last March.

Al-Murtadha stressed that the prisoners’ issue is a humanitarian issue and must remain neutral from other political and military issues, and that all parties benefit from the implementation of this agreement.

He expressed the hope that this visit would be a first step leading to the full implementation and comprehensive solution of this humanitarian issue.