Yemen rises three places in the 2022 global innovation index

Yemen rises three places in the 2022 global innovation index

Yemen has made progress in the Global Innovation Index (GII) by rising three ranks from 131st in 2021 to 128th in (2022).

According to a report released last week by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Yemen ranks among the four economies that have changed performance group, going from below expectations to above expectations.

The report pointed out that Yemen ranks tenth among the best low-income economies for the current year, while Rwanda maintained the first place among those economies, and Yemen ranks 16th within the classification of economies in the field of innovation by region.

The index, whose rankings are topped by Switzerland, calculates according to the average of two sub-indicators, with the Innovation Inputs Sub-Index measuring the elements of the economy that enable and facilitate innovative activities and the Innovation Output Sub-Index monitoring the actual result of innovation activities in the economy.

Inputs are based on five pillars: institutions, human capital, research, infrastructure, market development and business environment development, while outputs are divided into two pillars: knowledge/technology and creative outputs.

According to the report, these pillars include 81 indicators in 2022, up from 79 last year.

Based on the results of these pillars, Yemen ranks 87th in the Market Development Index, up 38 places after ranking 125th in 2021, surpassing Ukraine and Argentina, and 95th in the Innovation Outputs Index, up 19 places from 2021, surpassing Bahrain, Algeria and Ethiopia.