UAE deploys senior intelligence officer to occupied Socotra island

UAE deploys senior intelligence officer to occupied Socotra island

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has returned its first intelligence man in Yemen, Mahmoud Fath Al Khaja, to the island of Socotra, Well-informed sources reported on Sunday.

According to the sources, Al Khaja arrived in the past hours at Socotra International Airport, on board an Emirati military plane, after leaving the island more than a year ago.

The sources indicated that the return of Al Khaja comes within Emirati arrangements to install him as a military ruler of Socotra, to succeed Al-Anoud Ahmed Al-Saadi, who was recently appointed as a replacement for Khalfan Al-Mazari.

Al Khaja is the father of the Emirati ambassador to the Zionist entity, Mohammad Al Khaja. His return to Socotra at this particular time reflects the entity’s efforts to expand its control over the strategic island, in light of the escalation of Israeli moves in the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Al Khaja had arrived on the island for the first time, in early 2010 during the era of the former regime, on an intelligence mission represented in the purchase of private lands in the beaches, plains and reserves, which, after the start of the US-Saudi aggression against Yemen, became Emirati Zionist military bases.

Mahmoud Al Khaja is considered the architect of the process of normalization with the Zionist entity. He was able, through his position in the UAE Foreign Ministry, and with the blessing of the enemy government, to appoint his son, Mohammad Mahmoud Al Khaja, as the first ambassador of the UAE to the Zionist entity, on February 14, 2021.