Yemen and Saudi Arabia agree on finalised list regarding prisoner exchanges

Yemen and Saudi Arabia agree on finalised list regarding prisoner exchanges

Head of the National Committee for Prisoners Affairs, Abdulqadir Al-Murtadha, said on Sunday: “The technical committees were a necessity, especially since the Saudi regime was denying the presence of some names in its custody, so visits came to correct the lists of the prisoners names.”

In a statement to Al-Masirah TV, Al-Murtadha added that “the prisoners’ committee discussed with the Saudi side the lists, and the names were confirmed and an agreement was reached on a final list to implement the agreement concluded last March.”

Regarding the file of the missing, Al-Murtadha said that “it is still complicated, and during the last period some bodies were exchanged with the Saudi side.”

Al-Murtadha pointed out that “the technical team visited all the prisoners we know of in the kingdom and met a number of the wounded who are in Khamis Mushait base prison in Abha.”

He referred to the committee’s confirmation to the Saudi team that the agreement is comprehensive and that no deal that concerns the Saudis only can be completed, and this is what was stipulated in the Jordan agreement, and that the mercenaries in Ma’rib are obstructing the success of the prisoner release deal, and the Saudi regime is responsible for obligating them to the agreement if it wants to complete the deal.

Al-Murtadha concluded his statement by saying, “The supposed step after these visits is for the Saudi delegation to solve the problems in Ma’rib, the coast and the south, and we are ready to implement the agreement.”