Power plants in Aden in imminent threat of shutdown due to lack of fuel

Power plants in Aden in imminent threat of shutdown due to lack of fuel

Public Electricity Corporation in the southern port city of Aden said that a number of power plants  are gradually  become out service due to the depletion of fuel.

In a statement issued on Monday, the corporation stressed that it is operating according to the available resources to stabilize electricity generation, calling on the coalition-backed government to provide fuel regularly without interruption or reduce the quantities allocated to the plants.

It urged local authorities loyal to the UAE to expedite the supply of power plants, before the rest of the operating stations out of service .

The statement stressed the need to ensure mechanism of refueling generating stations according to daily allotments to maintain the continuity of the generation capacity of the stations, warning against the increasing of outage hours, which will negatively affect the stability of the system.

The corporation expressed its deep regret to citizens because of the instability of the operating program and outage of power, which is out of its hand due to the lack of sufficient quantities of fuel allocated to the stations.

At the end of September, Saudi Arabia signed with the coalition-backed government in Aden a new fuel grant for power plants in the occupied provinces worth $ 200 million.

The so-called “Saudi program” headed by Mohammed Al-Jaber, will provide 250,000 metric tons of oil derivatives for the operating the electricity stations in southern provinces.

Saudi Arabia is deliberately delaying the paid fuel grant in order to double the suffering of citizens in those areas, making pressure for political gains on the UAE-backed southern transitional Council (STC).