Senior Hamas representative released from Saudi captivity

Senior Hamas representative released from Saudi captivity

The Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” announced on Wednesday that Saudi Arabia has released the former representative of the movement in Riyadh Mohammed al-Khodari, who has been detained in the Kingdom since 2019.

Ezzat al-Reshiq, a member of the movement’s political bureau, said in a tweet that “the Saudi authorities have released their former Hamas representative Mohammed al-Khodari and he is now on the plane heading to (the Jordanian capital) Amman.”

Al-Reshiq posted picture on Twitter that he shared with al-Khodari during a video call.

“Brother Abu Hani (Muhammad al-Khodari) is on the plane, his spirits are high, and all his hope and prayer is that the rest of detained brothers will be released,” he wrote.

Al-Khodari is one of several Hamas leaders arrested in Saudi Arabia under the pretext of collecting donations for the resistance.

Al-Khodari was one of the Palestinian detainees whose Sayyid Abdul-Malik al-Houthi demanded to be released in a prisoner exchange deal.