Emirati military cargo ship arrives in Socotra

Emirati military cargo ship arrives in Socotra

A military cargo ship, belonging to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) occupation, arrived on Wednesday at the port of  Hawlaf in the occupied Socotra archipelago.

Sources said that the new cargo carries military equipment and others related to communication and surveillance equipment.

The sources indicated that the cargo was unloaded at the port and transferred directly to an Emirati military base near Socotra Airport in Hadibo.

On Sunday, informed sources revealed that the UAE has returned its first intelligence man in Yemen, Mahmoud Fath Al Khaja, to the island of Socotra.

The sources said that Al Khaja arrived in the past hours at Socotra International Airport, on board an Emirati military plane, after leaving the island more than a year ago.

The sources indicated that the return of Al Khaja comes within Emirati arrangements to install him as a military ruler of Socotra, to succeed Al-Anoud Ahmed Al-Saadi, who was recently appointed as a replacement for Khalfan Al-Mazari.

The United Arab Emirates arrived in Socotra in 2015 and, despite protests from nearly all Yemeni factions, have slowly expanded their influence since. Today, calls to the island are made using the UAE’s country code, and tourists fly from Abu Dhabi without a Yemeni visa — a situation that some argue amounts to annexation.