Washington Post reveals hundreds of US military officers have served the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen

Washington Post reveals hundreds of US military officers have served the Saudi-led invasion of Yemen

An investigation published by Washington Post revealed that hundreds of American officers have worked for Saudi Arabia and UAE since the beginning of the war on Yemen.

According to the newspaper, “the investigation included more than 4,000 pages of documents obtained after lawsuits filed against American official institutions.”

Among these officers, as the newspaper says, are “15 retired American generals they worked for a fee as consultants in Saudi Arabia for the Defense ministry (The ministry has been led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman) since 2016.”

According to the documents, he is among the Saudi advisers who receive salaries: the retired general in the Marine Corps and the national security adviser to former US President Barack Obama, James L. Jones, and retired Army Gen. Keith Alexander, who led the National Security Agency under Obama and President George W. Bush.

The documents revealed that “among others who have served as advisers to Saudi Arabia since the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a retired four-star air force general, and a former commander of US forces in Afghanistan.

It noted that “most of the retired American employees worked as civil contractors for Saudi Arabia, UAE, and other Gulf countries, where they played critical roles. albeit largely invisible, in the development of the armies of these countries.”

“The US government has struggled to keep recruitment processes secret,” the newspaper said. Pointing out that it “withheld for years all information about these practices.”

The newspaper notes that Saudi Arabia, for example, hired a former marine to work as a special operations advisor for $258,000 a year. UAE has also provided annual compensation packages of more than $200,000 for helicopter pilots and $120,000 for aircraft mechanics.

Before he became US Secretary of Defense..Jim Mattis is a military advisor to UAE in Yemen war

Regarding the officers who worked with UAE, Washington Post reveals that 280 retired military personnel have worked with this country, among them “generals who left their mark in fighting American wars in the Middle East.”

It indicated that among them: “Retired Marine General Jim Mattis, who was a military advisor to UAE before becoming Secretary of Defense in the administration of former US President Donald Trump.”

Alluding to Mattis’ role in Yemen war, the newspaper says that he and others directed UAE during its intervention in regional civil wars, and in US politics.