Chief Editor of Al-Thawra News on latest Yemeni warning strike

Chief Editor of Al-Thawra News on latest Yemeni warning strike

The warning strike carried out by the armed forces to prevent a cargo ship from looting oil came in implementation of the Yemeni state’s decision to ban the shipment of Yemeni crude oil.

The warning strike has its significance and strategic dimensions. It came first after a six-month truce that ended on the second of October and closed a period of calm that the aggression wanted to establish as a vacuum that did not grant Yemenis their rights, nor did it entitle them to defend it or extract it by force, so the strike came to break this calm.

On the other hand, the strike came to perpetuate a military equation outside the framework of the battle scene that the coalition wanted to set its bases and draw it on a specific geographical map, and it blew up those equations and turned them upside down, to perpetuate the equation of protecting wealth and water and imposing sovereignty over the whole Yemeni land.

It also refers to a new military strategy that the armed forces will surely consolidate in subsequent operations, in the context of protecting wealth from looting and theft, and in the context of imposing the sovereignty of the Yemeni state over its seas and territorial waters.

At this point, it was pointed out that Yemen, thanks to God, possessed naval weapons that could reach the most remote points in the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden, as well as the Red Sea. The introduction of these weapons – including ocean and Red Sea missiles – was a strategic addition to the battle in which Yemen is fighting a twenty-year alliance. He excelled by sea, land and air.

The warning military strike has messages and indications, and it is a direct warning and to everyone involved in looting Yemeni oil and wealth, that the punishment will be painful, and it is also a precursor to the battle to protect the rights of Yemenis from looting and theft, as well as a prelude to extracting their rights from salaries and others, and the strike does not resemble its name. It is simple in its effects and dimensions, and even goes beyond that to drawing bleak and dark days for the coalition of aggression if it continues in its wrongdoing and its intransigence by rejecting the rights and demands of Yemenis.