Senior mercenary commander killed in Ma’rib

Senior mercenary commander killed in Ma’rib

A Salafi military commander close to Saghir bin Aziz, the chief of the general staff in the puppet government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition, was killed on Tuesday in an assassination operation in the city of Ma’rib, stronghold of the Islah Party (the Yemeni branch of the Muslim Brotherhood).

This was reported by Yemen News Portal, citing a statement issued by the command of the Azal axis.

The command of the so-called Azal axis issued a statement in which it said that Lieutenant Colonel Nasr al-Khadhafi was shot dead by gunmen during an ambush that targeted him in the area of Kerry in the city of Ma’rib, while he was returning from the southern front to his home.

The statement pointed out that the gunmen looted what Al-Khadhafi had with him, and threw his body on the side of the road.

The axis announced the allocation of 300,000 Saudi riyals in reward in order to track down those involved in the murder.

Al-Khadafi was one of the commanders known for his close relation to Saghir bin Aziz and one of the dozens who recently heeded his call to return from the border fronts to Ma’rib as part of a plan to attack the remaining influence of Islah militants there.

The assassination comes as tensions between Islah and other mercenary groups are increasing.