UAE occupation detains protest leader in Hadhramaut

UAE occupation detains protest leader in Hadhramaut

The UAE occupation forces detained on Wednesday the leader of the so-called Hadhrami Uprising, Saleh bin Hariz, and prevented him from leaving the city of Mukalla, the provincial capital of Hadhramaut.

Local sources in the province said that one of the Emirati officers issued threats against Saudi-funded Sheikh bin Hariz, to leave.

The sources reported that bin Hariz managed to get out of Mukalla, in order to preserve security and social peace in the province, stressing that Hadhramaut is exposed to the largest conspiracy to sow division among its sons, after the arrival of an American military team to Mukalla to control the oil facilities.

The UAE is seeking to repeat the confrontations in Hadhramaut, as happened in Shabwah, by inflaming the security and military conditions that were preceded by the pro-Emirati appointments.

Earlier, the southern leader of the Congress Party, Yasser Al-Yamani, called on the tribes and honorable people of Hadhramaut, to put an end to the Emirati actions.

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