Human rights activist in occupied city of Taiz commits suicide

Human rights activist in occupied city of Taiz commits suicide

A human rights activist in the city of Taiz committed suicide on Wednesday evening, months after she was blackmailed by close associates.

According to local activists, activist Sarah Alwan al-Maqtari committed suicide by shooting at herself from a pistol in the chest. she was rushed to a nearby hospital in the city.

The activists confirmed that Sarah left her home in the morning and rented a hotel room a Taj Shamsan Hotel in the area of Al-Bab al-Kabir, where she shot herself in the chest two hours after she wrote a post on her Facebook in which she explained her injustice and intention to commit suicide after closing all doors of the justice in front of her.

According to activists, Sarah’s suicide attempt as a result of being blackmailed in Taiz is not the first, but there are dozens of girls who were victims, where 6 girls in Taiz committed suicide because of electronic extortion.


According to a source close to her family, Sarah’s condition is stable after doctors succeeded in taking the bullet out of her chest and stopping the bleeding.

The source said that Sarah Alwan has been subjected since last February to blackmailing by one of her neighbors named “Amjad Watheq Al-Maqtari” and his aunt “Amal Hussein Al-Maqtari”.

The victim submitted reports to the security authorities affiliated with the coalition militias, last May documented by evidence, but they did not act, the same source elaborated .

According to the local source, Sarah accuses her friend and neighbour Amal of stealing a USB flash containing a collection of private photos, and handing them over to her nephew with the aim of blackmailing her through these photos.

Sarah lives in the Asifra neighborhood at building on the first floor and the blackmailers on the second floor. She sold everything she owns to the blackmailers and that she was subjected to family disputes with her family and is pursuing a criminal investigation to arrest the blackmailers and decided to end her life after it was confirmed to her that injustice and corruption are the ones that govern Taiz.