Iranians Mark National Day against Global Arrogance

Iranians Mark National Day against Global Arrogance

Iranians from various walks of life have taken to the streets across all Iranian cities on the occasion National Day against the Global Arrogance.

The rallies were held in 900 Iranian cities, including in the capital Tehran.

Fares news agency reported that huge crowds of the Iranian people are participating in the rallies to condemn the global arrogance and to reiterate their loyalty and support for the Iranian leadership and their adherence to the principles of martyrdom and martyrs.

The demonstrators expressed their support to the Iranian police as the police is main pillars of the country’s security and safety.

Demonstrators also chanted slogans as they carried banners against the US and the Israeli regime, strongly condemning the hostile policies of the Global Arrogance against Iran.

On November 4th, 1979, Iranian university students took over the US Embassy and detain the embassy’s employees who were spying on the country and had a hand in sabotaging security and stability in it until they were released after 444 days.