UAE commands Socotra occupation forces to expel Saudi-led troops

UAE commands Socotra occupation forces to expel Saudi-led troops

The UAE has directed its militia commander on the occupied island of Socotra, southern Yemen, to harass and expel the so-called “Saudi 808 Duty Forces” from the island, which is under the occupation.

Informed political sources confirmed that the UAE summoned the governor of Socotra, who is loyal to it, “Raafat Al-Thaqali”, to Abu Dhabi during the past days, and a number of officials directed him not to deal with the Saudi forces exist on the island, and to work to tighten the noose on them by various means that were identified for him.

The sources indicated that the UAE summoned the Socotra province’s undersecretary for Islands Affairs of the coalition, Raed Al-Juraibi, and signed with him a “sale” contract to lease Abdul-Kuri Island for several decades to come, after establishing Israeli naval control centers in it during the past two years.

The UAE asked Al-Thaqali to prepare 50 girls to work in a factory to plunder the Yemeni fish wealth on the island, on the condition that they should not be more than 20 years old.

Al-Thaqali returned last Tuesday to Hadibo city, the capital of the Socotra archipelago, from Abu Dhabi after spending 7 days there, and stated that “Socotra is coming to a developmental transformation with Emirati support that will include several different sectors.”

On the other hand, a number of people from Hadibo complained that the Emirati “Khalifa Foundation” had caused the death of hundreds of palm trees due to spraying by Emirati helicopters.

The UAE is carrying out suspicious military activities in partnership with the Zionist entity on the island of Socotra, which was seized under the pretext of humanitarian actions during the year 2016, while Zionist tourism agencies in Abu Dhabi started operating flights of foreign tourists, including Israelis, to the island, without the knowledge of the government loyal to Saudi-led coalition, who claim “legitimacy” over the occupied areas.