Yemeni diplomat: West keeps pushing for escalation of war

Yemeni diplomat: West keeps pushing for escalation of war

Member of the national negotiating delegation, Abdul-Malik al-Ajri, confirmed on Friday evening that the Western statements on Yemen are an attempt to push for escalation and a return to war.

In a statement to Al-Masirah TV, al-Ajri said the statements of the US, France and Britain towards the operations of the armed forces lacked any political value.

Al-Ajri pointed out that when events are contrary to Western interests, they remember international law and the safety of sea lanes, but when they are in line with their interests, they forget this play.

The West is preventing the entry of health and medical materials into Yemen in a precedent not seen in wars throughout history, he said, adding that the United Nations has lost its real influence in achieving peace and has become part of the tools of conflict management.

Al-Ajri added, that our armed forces warned ships not to approach the occupied ports and the export of oil must stop until the issue of salaries is solved.

He affirmed that Yemeni army has declared its red lines, and the time has come when the West, America and France define the red lines in the region and the world .