Hamas leader: Language of the sword and gun is only way to deal with Zionists

Hamas leader: Language of the sword and gun is only way to deal with Zionists

The head of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Resistance movement Hamas, has stressed that operation Saif Al-Quds, which the resistance in Gaza has shown in the face of the enemy, “will remain famous until the Zionists are defeated from all the land of Palestine.”

Ismail Haniyeh stressed in a speech on Sunday that “the enemy with all its components is a Zionist extremist, so all illusions of so-called peace, settlement and negotiations must be dropped and the language of sword and gun is the only way to deal with the Zionist enemy.”

He reviewed the challenges surrounding the Palestinian cause and the region, represented by the elections of the enemy, the rise of religious Zionism, the attempt to impose the enemy’s religious sovereignty over the Al-Aqsa Mosque and to divide it spatially and temporally, as well as the attempt to strike at all the elements of the Palestinian cause, especially the abolition of the right of return of refugees.

Haniyeh said: “As long as Jerusalem is targeted in this sense, we have a horizon and a strategic priority, one that confirms that al-Quds is the core of the conflict between us and the enemy. Al-Quds unites us.”

He called on all the peoples of the Arab and Islamic nation to “restore its unity” and said that its centerpiece should be Jerusalem.

Haniyeh further stressed the “need to adhere to all the constant principles of our people and nation, foremost of which is Jerusalem and the right of return.”