Al-Qaeda activities reported in Lahj and Taiz provinces

Al-Qaeda activities reported in Lahj and Taiz provinces

Local media sources revealed on Tuesday large military movements of al-Qaeda organization members in the areas separating Lahj and Taiz provinces, southern Yemen.

These reinforcements come in conjunction with al-Qaeda’s announcement of the appointment of “Abu Ayoub al-Muhajir” as the new emir of the organization in Yemen, in light of the escalation of the terrorist organization’s activity in the areas under the control of the Saudi-led coalition factions.

The sources said that huge groups of the organization’s members arrived, during the past hours, to camps of the organization in areas near Bab al-Mandab, Al-Madhariba and Ras al-Ara areas in Lahj, which are adjacent to the western Taiz countryside districts, coming from their areas in Abyan province.

According to media sources, the new reinforcements will join previous groups that had arrived in the city of al-Turbah, where the leadership of the Islah Party forces is stationed.

This indicates intensive arrangements and joint coordination between the two parties for a decisive battle in the region against the pro-UAE factions.