695 crimes committed by invaders on Yemen’s Western Coast

695 crimes committed by invaders on Yemen’s Western Coast

The Entesaf Organization for Women and Child Rights on Thursday reported that “the US-Saudi aggression coalition forces and their mercenaries have committed 695 crimes on Yemen’s western coast until mid-November, 2022.”

The organization stated in a statement that these crimes and violations included 250 crimes of kidnapping and rape, including 86 crimes of child rape.

The statement condemned the heinous crimes committed by the aggression mercenaries against women, the latest of which was the burning of the displaced persons camp in Al-Jasha area of Al-Khokhah district on the western coast, and the exposure of women to extortion and rape, according to the interview conducted by Ahmed Al-Nami, one of the sons of Tihama, with one of the displaced women in Al-Khokha.

The displaced woman revealed the horrific facts that the displaced women live through, and the work of some organizations and their distribution of sexual tools, in addition to their being pressured by the aggression coalition mercenaries to practice adultery, especially those whose relatives killed in the war.

According to the statement, local sources confirmed that “Tariq Afash’s soldiers (UAE-backed forces in west coast) are the ones who carry out these despicable practices, since Al-Khokha and the rest of the occupied areas on the West Coast are under their control.”

Entesaf organization denounced these heinous crimes that are rejected by Sharia, custom and law, as rape and all forms of sexual violence are a violation of international humanitarian law, the Fourth Geneva Convention and the Convention on the Rights of Women.

The organization also condemned the continued international silence towards these crimes, blaming the United Nations and all its organizations for these crimes and their repercussions on society.

The statement called on civil society organizations, media and human rights activists for solidarity, serious standing, and responsible action to expose the ugliness of the aggression coalition and its mercenaries’ violations against women and children in Yemen.