Tribal sheikh survives assassination attempt in Ma’rib

Tribal sheikh survives assassination attempt in Ma’rib

Tribal sheikh, Saleh Muhammad Damish, survived on Saturday evening an assassination attempt by an explosive device blast that targeted his car east of Al-Wadi District, controlled by Islah Party militia, in Ma’rib province, local sources reported on Sunday.

The sources indicated that the explosion caused damage to the car that Damish was traveling in, without revealing the party behind the attack.

On the other hand, unidentified persons targeted a military vehicle belonging to the pro-coalition forces in Al-Samdah market in the center of Wadi Abida area, with an explosive device planted beside the road.

This is the second explosion in Al-Samdah area, since mid-November.

The pace of assassinations and liquidations by explosive devices escalated in Abida area, in conjunction with the UAE’s heading to control Al-Wadi district and the city of Ma’rib, the last stronghold of Islah militants in the province after expelling them and ending their presence in Shabwah province during last August.