Yemeni parliament warns puppet government against signing shady deals

Yemeni parliament warns puppet government against signing shady deals

The Yemeni Parliament on Tuesday renewed its warning to the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition against signing suspicious agreements and deals in the name of the Republic of Yemen.

This comes in reference to the recent two agreements signed by the pro-coalition government, the first with the International Monetary Fund worth $300 million, and the second with the Arab Monetary Fund that worth $1 billion.

Members of the Parliament (MPs) warned the countries and parties that deal with the aggression coalition and its tools inside to sign such suspicious agreements and deals, stressing that Yemen preserves its legal and constitutional right to sue those parties.

They explained that these agreements violate the constitution and the Yemeni laws in force, which stipulate that they be submitted to the Parliament, whose constitutional headquarters is in the capital, Sanaa, for discussion and approval.

The MPs indicated that these loans aimed only to add extra burdens on the Yemeni people in the framework of the economic war waged by the aggression coalition, and represent a circumvention to continue plundering the oil and gas wealth of the Yemeni people.

They emphasized that the pro-coalition government was not satisfied with plundering Yemen’s sovereign wealth, but rather went beyond that to flood the Yemeni people with absurd loans.

The MPs pointed out that the Yemeni people would not bear any consequences for these loans, because their returns are being tampered with in suspicious disbursements and movements of the pro-coalition government.