UN mission attacked in Hadhramaut

UN mission attacked in Hadhramaut

A United Nations mission was attacked by armed forces near Seiyun in Hadhramaut governorate, eastern Yemen.

The International Organization for Migration of the United Nations announced that its convoy was subjected to an armed attack, which killed two security personnel members near the city of Seiyun, where militias loyal to the Islah Party are stationed under the name of Forces Command.

This incident comes in light of the escalation of operations targeting UN missions in areas controlled by the tools of the Saudi-Emirati aggression , with the spread of armed gangs and the continued fighting of the tools of aggression.

The southern governorates witnessed the highest level of crimes and violations.

The annual report issued by the Media Center for the Southern Governorates stated that it had documented 1,259 crimes and serious violations during the past year, including 159 assassinations as a result of the conflict between the the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militias.