Yemeni symposium held in Syrian capital of Damascus

Yemeni symposium held in Syrian capital of Damascus

The Yemeni Intellectual and Political Forum in Damascus organized on Sunday a symposium entitled “Crimes and Violations of the Aggressive War on Yemen”, on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, coinciding with the martyr anniversary.

At the symposium, the Yemeni ambassador to Syria, Abdullah Sabri, confirmed that the violations of the US-Saudi aggression coalition against Yemen amount to a full-fledged war crime that would not be subject to statute of limitations.

Sabri explained that the aggression coalition crimes that targeted civilians with deliberate killing through air raids or siege revealed the policy of double standards in the West and UN bodies and international organizations working on the human rights file. “However, it will not prevent the trial of murderers and criminals and revenge for the blood that enemies unjustly and aggressively shed.”

The ambassador, Sabri, valued the sacrifices of the Yemeni people, saying: “A people who love martyrdom for the sake of Allah and sacrifice life and precious things for the sake of the country, and cannot be humiliated or acquiesced to the enemies.”

In the symposium, which was attended by members of the diplomatic mission and a number of Syrian and Palestinian politicians and intellectuals, Deputy Head of the Relations Unit at the Arab Observatory for Human Rights, Dr. Mayada Marzouk, reviewed in a working paper the nature of the violations committed by the aggression coalition against Yemen eight years ago.

Dr. Marzouk referred to the hidden goals of the war targeting Yemen and its strategic location to serve the Zionist-American project in the region.

She praised the wisdom and courage of the Yemeni leadership in managing the military battle through the long-term policy.

The symposium, moderated by Dr. Moataz Al-Qurashi, was enriched with interventions by the participants, which emphasized solidarity with Yemen and Syria in the face of the aggression war against the two countries.