Yemeni Minister of Human Rights condemns UN silence on Saudi war crimes

Yemeni Minister of Human Rights condemns UN silence on Saudi war crimes

The Minister of Human Rights, Ali Al-Dailami, affirmed that the UN envoy and the ambassadors of the countries involved in the aggression ignore the facts, forgetting that there are crimes, violations, and international complicity, as if nothing had happened.

Al-Dailami said, on the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “Our Islamic principles are a red line that we do not allow anyone to interfere with, whoever he is, and we are against any calls that contradict them.” He wondered, where are the basic rights stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, where are the investigations into major crimes recognized by the United Nations?

Minister Al-Dailami stressed that human rights are for everyone, but the United Nations uses double standards with our people, and we in Yemen cannot accept that.
For his part, the representative of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Yemen, Safeer Al-Din Sayed, said that the disregard and contempt for human rights led to barbaric acts that angered the conscience of humanity.

He stressed, in Yemen, this long conflict must end, and the truce must be renewed and expanded, adding that we are still receiving reports of civilian casualties, especially children, due to mines and remnants of raids.

Safeer Al-Din Sayyed continued: We continue to demand accountability for violations against civilians and the city’s infrastructure in Yemen.

He added, “there are allegations of gross human rights violations, including torture, arbitrary detention, human trafficking, extortion, and sexual abuse of migrants seeking hope in Saudi Arabia.”