Al-Qaeda forces attack weapons truck in Hadhramaut

Al-Qaeda forces attack weapons truck in Hadhramaut

Al-Qaeda organization has seized a truck carrying a number of drones and specific weapons on the main road in the city of Seiyun, the center of the Wadi and Hadhramaut desert districts, eastern Yemen.

Sources familiar with the matter reported that al-Qaeda seized a military vehicle that was accompanying the truck.

The sources confirmed that al-Qaeda militants damaged the truck after clashing with the elements accompanying the truck, and they seized and drones, which were transported to the strongholds of the organization in Wadi Abaidah of Ma’rib province.

The sources pointed out that the arrival of the drones to the elements of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which is based in Wadi Abaidah, would poses a threat to the oil installations.

Al-Qaeda ambush was part of a number of operations launched by the organization against travelers on the Marib-Hadhramaut road.

At the end of last week, the Ghwerban area on the Safer-Al-Abr road witnessed clashes between al-Damashaqa tribes and the Saudi-led coalition militants, which caused about 17 deaths on both sides and a number of injuries, as well as the tribes seized a tank and modern weapons.